Our Values

Relationship with God

To love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and with all our might. The priority is our love, obedience,
and worship, above all things, if they take away God; they take away our very life. – Luke 10:27

Word of God

God’s word is law for us and we will put it into practice.

 – Proverbs 3:3 & 2 Timothy 3:16


We believe that our families have a strong foundation, when we prioritize God in our lives. – Joshua 24:15


More like Christ

Our goal is to become more like Christ. That is, being full of goodness, integrity, humility, fear of God, holiness, and maturity, as Jesus is our model, to which we must imitate, honor, glorify, worship, and follow, until his return.

– Romans 8:29

Constant Growth

God wants us to prosper so it’s a value to us that we reach a steady growth, maturing, progressing, and going to other higher levels of faith, vision, glory, blessing, and education.